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Lucio Toth, (Zara 1934 - Rome 2017)
A member of the Zadar family, a graduate in Law, he entered the Judiciary and attended all grades up to President of the Court of Cassation. In 1987 he was elected Senator of the Italian Republic for the tenth legislature. Appreciated leader of the Associations of Exiles, from 1999 to 2000 he was President of the Federation of Associations of Fiumans and Dalmati Istrians.

We report here a significant passage of the speech that Lucio Toth gave at the 61st Meeting of the Dalmatians - Senigallia 2014

"Looking to the future, our goal is even more ambitious: to regain the attention of culture and public opinion not only in Italy but also in Croatia in recognizing the existence of a deep-rooted Italian presence along the Dalmatian coast. It is a very noble task because it does not want to reopen ancient wounds, but to reconstruct a memory that does not deny the plurinational character of our land. The objectivity of our positions, the renunciation of territorial claims, the recognition of the minority character of the Dalmatian Italian in the face of an undeniable Croatian majority of the population, must serve to overcome the denialist tendencies of Croatian nationalist extremism and Titino's communist nostalgism. Even the affirmation of the autochthony of the Latin and Italian presence in Dalmatia, beyond the "Venetian colonization" from the fourteenth century to 1796, must be supported by us with historiographic and documentary seriousness, ready also to accept what the Italian nationalist propaganda he wanted to ignore. Truth always triumphs. And we must not be afraid to proclaim it. When we know how to stay within the limits of reality, reality itself proves us right. And nobody can deny us. "

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